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Brazilian Peaberry Coffee | Light Roast Coffee Beans

Brazilian Peaberry Coffee | Light Roast Coffee Beans


The Sul de Minas (south of Minas) region of Brazil produces roughly 30% of Brazil's coffee. However, the region is populated by small, family farms that do not share the technological advantages of many of Brazil's more industrialized farms. With its mild temperatures, rolling hills and high elevation, Sul de Minas offers producers ideal growing conditions. Brazilian peaberry coffees from the region tend to be dense, flavorful and aromatic.


Peaberrys are coffee cherries that form only one bean where most form two. They are rare and produce a stronger and more flavorful cup. Because peaberry coffee beans from Brazil are simply uniquely formed and not their own variatel, these have to be picked out of the crop and sorted by hand.


Our coffee shop chose this Brazilian Peaberry Coffee for it rich cocoa, warm nuttiness and sweetness as well as its delicate body and mild acidity. Roasted lightly, the flavors in these beans shine with bright and strong flavors that represent its country and its unique formation. 

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