Costa Rica Tarazzu | Light Roast

Costa Rica Tarazzu | Light Roast

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We have an exciting new supplier for one of our most delicious and popular coffees. This complex roast is carefully crafted to be smooth and delicious to appeal to anyone from coffee enthusiasts to the most casual drinker even without cream or sugar.


Beneficio San Diego is where our new Tarrazu comes from. It is the most modern mill in Costa Rica. It was established in 1888 and has been innovating ever since. Today Beneficio San Diego specializes in coffees from the Tarrazú region. The mill takes pride in striving for ever increasing efficiency and quality standards. At the same time it has taken a leading role in working with producers to ensure good community relations and sustainable production.


This is our first honey processed coffee at Black Key Coffee. Pioneered in Costa Rica, honey processing leaves some of the cherry on the coffee bean as it dries creating a fermenting affect that brings out more depth and complexity in the cup. The excess is then borken off naturally during the milling after it has dried. It is also a more sustainable way to produce coffee as it uses less water, which can pre crucial in some coffee growing regioins.

  • Coffee Origin Info

    Flavor:  Honey, milk chocolate, toasted almond, tropical fruit

    Body: Light

    Acidity: Mild

    Process: Honey

    Altitude: 2000 M.A.S.L.

    Harvest: January 2020

    Roast: City Roast



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