Honduras Decaf | Medium-Dark Roast

Honduras Decaf | Medium-Dark Roast

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A perfect cup for an afternoon at your desk, or to pair with a sweet desert, This coffee was roasted with love for the taste of coffee, even if caffiene isnt in the cards.


 Swiss Water Process El Paraiso Decaf has a fresh, clean cup with a mild acidity, medium body and notes of cocoa, green apple and raisin. The lot was curated from coffee farmed by smallholders in the Honduras' El Paraiso Department. 

The coffee was decaffeinated by Swiss Water using pure water in a 100% chemical-free process. Using Swiss Water's patented method the green coffee was processed for 10 hours and rendered 99.9% caffeine-free.








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Honduras Decaf
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    Flavors: Dark Chocolate, Bittersweet, Graham Cracker

    Body: Medium

    Acidity: Medium

    Process: Swiss Water Process

    Altitude: 800 M.A.S.L.

    Harvest: Jan 2018

    Roast: Full City



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