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Build Your Own Sample Pack

Build Your Own Sample Pack


Love coffee? Not sure which of our lovingly crafted roasts is for you? Love trying new things? Each of our coffees have their own unique flavors profiles and are worth a try. Build your own sample pack today to try any of our fresh roasted beans!


Costa Rica makes for a delicious breakfast coffee that even the most casual coffee drinker can enjoy black.


Brazilan Peaberry is our unique and distinctive bean packed with bright flavors. Unlike any of our other beans because they are simply uniquely formed and not their own variatel, these have to be picked out of the crop and sorted by hand.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is a truly unique coffee with smooth and complex flavors. Youll be intrigued by its interesting full body and get excited about drinking local family farmed coffee grown mere miles from the bean's first discovery centuries ago.


Colombia Organic is a coffee with heart as well as great taste. Lovingly crafted by a community built around coffee they know how to make a well balanced and delicious coffee.


Honduran Decaf is so deliciously chocolatey and full bodied you wont even mind that its decaf. For those who need to enjoy their coffee late in the evening, or maybe just cant have caffiene, you wont be sacrificing one bit of flavor with this coffee.


Guatemalan Espresso is a beautifully smooth dark roast with a full body and rich flavors that is perfect for brewing espresso or serving with dessert.


Pick the 5 that most interest you and dont forget to let us know which one is your favorite!

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